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EGR Soft Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger Double Cab


The EGR Soft Tonneau Cover for the Ford Ranger is a revolutionary bed cover. This Ford Ranger soft tonneau cover not only has an innovative ‘continuous hook’ system for opening and closing the cover quickly and easily, but is also the only lockable soft tonneau cover on the market.


The lockable tonneau cover keeps your load securely shielded from view and once the tailgate is locked the bed of your Ford Ranger cannot be accessed, keeping thieves out!

The EGR Soft Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger features:

  • Non-drill application
  • Can be fitted in under 30 minutes
  • Lockable
  • Easy to open and close
  • Improves fuel consumption by reducing wind resistance
  • UV light tested
  • Rain bars included
  • Designed to fit with vehicles ladder rack

The EGR soft tonneau cover is a great way of ensuring your load doesn’t blow out of the Ranger’s bed and is a great way of protecting your load from the weather.

The rain bars included are easily attached and keep your soft tonneau extremely taught, preventing rain from pooling and instead, channel it off the sides of your Ford Ranger.

The EGR Soft Tonneau Cover for the Ford Ranger is easily fitted using a 6 clamp system and comes complete with fitting kit and instructions.

A great look that protects and secures the load bed of your Ford Ranger. Fitted in under 30 minutes to lock your gear away securely and opened in seconds to allow full access to the load bed.

Please use the video link for examples of just how easy it is to open and close and fit rain bars to your EGR soft tonneau cover.

Please note this will not fit the Limited model of the Ford Ranger.

EGR is a global company who have been designing and creating high quality vehicle accessories for over thirty years. EGR products constantly exceed customers’ expectations and the EGR tonneau covers are no exception.

Product Code: 8LEFORA5D


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